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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Learning to Talk Dirty

For this week's Six Sentence Sunday, I'm sharing a little bit of a longer blog post that will be up soon.

Christy is new to the scene, and is very shy. She's had very little experience with sex, and absolutely NO experience being a submissive.

Xavier can see through all of Christy's inhibitions and knows he can awaken her inner slut. Breaking through her reserve will be a challenge - one that he will thoroughly enjoy. At this point in their relationship, she's still very bashful, so Xavier is working with her to learn to express her sensuality in words. He asks her to describe how she'd worship his cock, and has her sit on his lap while she tells him.

And yes, it's a few more than six sue me ;)


Christie blew out her breath as her eyelids fell closed. Not only was she nervous about describing what she'd do, but her inexperience would most certainly be evident.

She rubbed her hands together trying to calm her nerves, and began timidly."I'd begin..." Her throat constricted with her anxiety.

Xavier ran his hand softly through her hair. From the top of her head to mid-back, he continued to stroke her. The heat and gentleness of his touch gave her courage. She tried again.


Can Christy let go of her fear and insecurities to tell Xavier how she'd worship his cock? Hmmmm .... I think we'll find that out in my next blog post ;)


  1. Oh, I love him stroking her (I want to say petting her LOL)--but I wanna know what she said, woman! Great Six (or however many--I'm not anal enough to count).

  2. Very nice - love her nerves and his calming touch!!