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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Welcome friends!

I write erotic romance and paranormal erotic romance, all with a D/s flare. (That'd be Dominance/submission for those of you just starting to dabble in kink.) Having lived in a D/s relationship for many years, it finally hit me, why not write what you know and enjoy? Amazing how those little epiphanies just pop out of nowhere to totally rearrange your life, huh?

I've always been a romantic at heart, and after many years of drama, I finally got MY HEA. Because of that, all of my stories will have one, too. Happy Right Now just isn't satisfying enough for me, so we'll see things all the way through. Ater all, I KNOW it's possible!

I've been a BBW (voluptuous, lush, name your chubby-kind-simile here) my entire life, and we lovely ladies NEVER get enough attention as far as I'm concerned. At least we never get POSITIVE attention. I've had quite enough negative attention, thank you very much! In my stories the heroine is never a size 0 (no offense to all you lovely size 0 ladies!), and always finds her HEA with a hunky male who's just a TAD alpha. But don't worry - my submissives are NOT doormats.

I'll also be posting questions that I'd love for us all to discuss, my own thoughts about writing and kink, snippets from my stories, and anything else that strikes my eclectic fancy. So hop in the train car with me, and full steam ahead!


  1. that sounds like my kinda story! I can't wait to read!

  2. Thanks practimom! I'll definitely post when it's available! Soon, soon, soon...

  3. Alright, I'm in. I really enjoy your "voice". Are you currently working on a story and do you have a time frame for completion? Do you have a publisher (need to know which publisher to stalk)? Do you have a time frame? Have I asked that before? 'Cause I'm the anxious type. :)

  4. Hi BecauseISaid (love the nick!) - yes I'm working on several stories as we speak. I'm hoping to have something out in the next couple months. No publisher yet - will probably do the Indie route.

    LOVE your enthusiasm! Thank you for the kind words!