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Monday, July 18, 2011

Since I missed Six Sentence Sunday...

Well now, since I missed Six Sentence Sunday, I thought I'd start our week off with a sample from one of my current WIP's.

The Backstory
Christy is a shy woman who's always been teased about her size, so she doesn't venture out of her 'safe' circle of friends often. Her best friend gave her a certificate for a free massage for her birthday, and it's taken her months to gather up the courage to use it.

Xavier owns the Spa, along with several other lucrative businesses. He's also a Dom at the local BDSM club. He sees voluptous Christy come into his Spa and is immediately intrigued as all his protective instincts are fired up by her shyness. But then someone compliments her and her brilliant smile convinces Xavier that there's more to Christy than she will allow others to see. He tells the masseuse scheduled for Christy that he'll do the massage instead.

After using Christy's blissed-out state during the massage to ensure that she did indeed have a submissive streak, Xavier invites her to the local club, under his protection for the evening. After she arrives, he guides her to a scene in progress to gauge her reaction.

The Scene
A very large Dom has his sub tied to an inventive spanking horse. This horse has a little extra twist - a vibrator is attached between the horse legs with a clamp and crank that allows it to move up, down, and closer to the horse. The Dom has told his sub that this is a lesson on controlling her orgasm. He means to keep her tied, with the vibrator pressed against her clit, and announces that she is not to come until he allows her.

Christy doesn't understand what that crank moves up and down at first. Then the Dom flips the switch, as as the vibrator begins to buzz loudly, Christy realizes what's in store for the bound submissive.

Unedited Sample (copyright 2011, Cassie Hynds)
Christy's knees got weak and she slumped a bit. Xavier strengthened his grip around her waist. "Watch and see her struggle to please her Master, pet. He will tease her until she begs for release, and only when he's ready will he permit her to come. If she comes before he gives her permission, she will be punished."

Christy looked at Xavier, her eyes as wide and innocent as a deer that's been struck immobile by an oncoming car. "P-punished?"

"Yes, pet."

"How will he punish her?"

"I'm not sure, we'll have to wait and see. If it were me, I'd leave the clit vibrator attached, then sit in front of her and remind her that she was helpless to do anything but keep coming." He leaned down so that his lips were right next to Christy's ear. "Imagine being tied with your legs open, a vibrator on your clit, and no way to stop it."

Her eyes closed as she imagined herself in the sub's place. Liquid heat pooled at her center as she moaned softly.

"Look at me."

Christy opened her eyes and stared into Xavier's intense gaze.

"You would enjoy being naked, bound open for me to enjoy, wouldn't you?"

She gasped. "No!" she blurted out quickly. She was an independent woman! She shouldn't like the thought being subservient to anyone, yet she could feel that old, familiar ache deep within her center.

Xavier put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her so that she faced him. "The first thing that I require from any submissive is honesty. Do not lie to me, pet. I can see the pulse at your neck beating faster. You've pressed your thighs together in an attempt to gain relief from the ache growing in that sweet pussy of yours. Now let's try this again, and this time tell me the truth. You would enjoy being naked, bound open for me to enjoy, wouldn't you, pet?"

Oh God, he could see right through her. She hadn't even realized she was pressing her thighs together, but he noticed everything. He moved his hand to grasp her chin so that she could see only him. His eyes narrowed, taking in all of her responses. Fuck. He already knew what she felt. Was she brave enough to admit it?

Christy blinked a few times, unable to look away. Finally she whispered "Yes."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Sir," she repeated quickly and then bit her lower lip. Would she be in trouble because she forgot to call him Sir?

Xavier's lips curved into a smile. "Good girl." He moved his head down, closer to hers, until his lips were almost touching. "Thank you for your trust, pet, I am honored." Her breath was coming in quick spurts, the ache inside her intensifying. Would he kiss her? Did she want him to? Hell yes!

He continued to stare at her, his gaze travelling from her eyes to her lips as she struggled to keep her breathing even. He brushed his lips against hers and she moaned, leaning into his muscular chest. His kiss intensified as he moved one arm around her waist and drew her closer. He licked her lips and she shivered. "Let me in, pet" he whispered against her lips.


And now....I need to go take care of a few things. *cough*


  1. Oh I LIKED that!

    And yay for spelling Christy right. LOL!

  2. The backstory, set up, and unedited excerpt were fantastic! Ahem...I'm ready for another sample now, pleeease. :)

  3. Oh my... I want to read this story! That was great;-)

  4. Where's my hubby?

    Damn, that was hot, Cassie! I'm glad you didn't restrict it to six sentences! Wow! Hurry up and finish this story! Please? I'm begging here!

  5. You need to take care of few things? Yea, so don't I - Steam'n scene, I've never attempted one quite like that - but maybe.... That was HOT!!!

  6. Wow. I really want to keep reading this one!! Finish it soon please?? :)