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Friday, July 15, 2011

Orgasm Torture, AKA EvilDom

Just in case you can't tell by the title, this post is NSFW and 18+ only :)

So I'm sitting at my laptop last night, cruising thru Twitter feeds and Facebook posts. Working on world creation for one of my new WIP's. Hubby looks at me (while watching NCIS - *sigh* Mark Harmon) and says 'We'll be going to bed early tonight.'

Um....OK. Are you tired?


Am *I* tired? (LOL)


Ok.....then why are we going to bed early?

Because I don't want it to be 11:00 when I'm done playing with you.


If only I knew what he had up his sleeve.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, Orgasm Torture is a BDSM term that means (for a female submissive) continuing stimulation of the clitoris producing multiple orgasms.

So as we hit the witching hour, Hubby enters the bathroom as himself and leaves as EvilDom. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened - he wasn't even wearing a mask!!

Things are progressing as normal, with me getting all hot and heavy and him watching all of my reactions closely. Then, as I hit the big moment he chuckles, and.....continues.


In the meantime he's laid over top of me, holding me immovable from the waist down. By now I'm scrambling, trying to get him off of me, when he commands 'Lie Still.' Holy shit, I can FEEL my eyes dilate as he says that! I freeze and he softly says 'Good girl.' He's let up on the pressure and now is just lightly caressing the tip. And I'm going out of my fucking mind!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to restrain yourself? Cuffs & ropes are lovely, but having to do the opposite of what your body wants to do?? All because of a command? It's almost fucking impossible!!

I'm trembling all over the place, and he's coaxing me on with his words. After about 2 minutes I'm shaking my head back and forth, pleading....I can't take it anymore!!! 'We'll stop when I'm ready.' How can he be so damn nonchalant about this?? I'm writhing in a heady mix of pleasure, slight pain, and anxiety as he just continues to watch and tease me.

Finally, after a few more minutes, and a few more orgasms (lots of KY is the key, here), he finally lets up. The room is now 105 degrees, I can't see through the sweat and hair covering my face, and I've left all of the air from my lungs out at the side of the road somewhere. He kisses me and says 'Oh yeah, I loved that.' I'm still fighting for breath, so I only have enough air for one word. 'Asshole'

He laughs and his eyes twinkle merrily. Then moves on to Act II. someone in one of my stories is definitely going to have to survive this little gem called 'orgasm torture.' After all, *I* had to. Well, sorta. I'm still shaking almost 24 hours later.

Anyone else ever experience this? Does it sound like something you'd like to try? I'd never considered overwhelming pleasure as a sort of 'torture' before...but holy hell, it was awesome!! Please share your thoughts!


  1. Killer post, Cassie! It had me squirming in my seat. Have I tried it? A BIG unfortunate, No. Would I try it? Yes!

    Loved the post. Love your enthusiasm! And not surprisingly, I'm loving your husband! Sounds like you have a keeper there!

    Keep up the great work.

    Ry xxx

  2. Rynne!! I am so honored you stopped by!! Thank you so much for the kind words!!!

    I won't be telling hubby that you love him....his head is already hard to fit through the door! I'm sure I'll get punished for that somehow.....LOL


  3. A couple of times but he hadn't done it on purpose. It's like you don't want it to end but it is like torture. LOL I'd love to be with a man who actually wanted to do this on purpose... *sigh* good for you & your hubby :)

  4. Hubby is now happy he's getting so much comment-love LOL

    I'll admit, we have a steamy, hot sex life, and I am one damn lucky woman - but I'm gonna suffer for this, I know! But in this case...sometimes the suffering is fun ;)

  5. Whoa, Cassie! That sounds amazing! I'd heard of withholding orgasm until the Dom gives permission (and just taking her to the brink over and over until she's about to become a blithering idiot), but this is new to me, too!

    Glad to see you're plotting/researching/writing, too, girlfriend!

    You'll have to share this link with the Masters Group secret Facebook group when we launch it tomorrow!


  6. Does subbie get a chance to return the favor?
    This CAN be done to a man as well, although it's best to have a good tasting lube or hope your jaw muscles can take a beating.
    It's a form of "milking" him as he comes and I looove watching my man shake & hearing the almost painful moans as I just keep going in his sensitive head.
    Now THAT is something I recommend every woman try as it will bring your man to his knees... Literally!

  7. High five, sister. When Evil Dom brings out toys to aid him in his quest to blow your f***ing mind... WOW. The best thing about this play time was he became just as excited doing as I was receiving. And yes, the actual act 'after' was over the top AWESOME.
    @Kally - hubby likes the research we've been doing as well *wink*

  8. I am highly jealous. If only........ I had an *evil dom* *wink, wink*... alas I have no dom at all. The trouble with reading BSDM is that it leaves you very deprived since there is a strong possibility that the one you are involved with is not a dom, but it's like a drug when you crave it and the only way you can experience it is vicariously through books, hence I am addicted to them and I am always on the hunt for a new author. I will be checking you out. Thanks to Cherise for turning me on to your blog. :)

  9. My husband just enjoys doing that all the time. Sometimes I let him, other times it's too much and I can't even breathe.

  10. Yep. :) Been there, done that. LOL Only with us it's either the Hithachi or an older Panasonic that's been dubed "the nail driver" by Sir. ROTFLMAO

    It always amuses Him when I call RED for orgasms. ROTFLMAO!

  11. Oh Tymber...the Hitachi *longing sigh*

  12. I have never had the pleasure/torture...but here's hoping!!! You are a very lucky woman/sub!!!

  13. Omg that sounds scary as hell and I want to have it done to me.....I think multiple continuose orgasm not within your own control a subs best worst nightmare you have to love It!